Tom Robinson Artist
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  applied arts
furniture by Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson’s signature “ Slipper Chair” is a functional artwork. Each chair is made one at a time. Sets are not available.

The first Slipper Chair was constructed 12 years ago of plywood. Today’'s chairs may be commissioned in any height, wood selection, fabric for seat, and choice of one-of-a-kind mosaic design incorporating the unique TR signature on back of the chair. A refined Japanese peg secures the back. Every chair is signed and numbered.

The chair employs an unusual structural  "X" design under the seat making it strong enough to stand on. Placed in any area of the home the Slipper Chair serves as both a functional artifact and a work of art.

Construction of each Slipper Chair takes 3 months. The present commission price is $3000. To order the Slipper Chair or for more information call 773.477.7913 or email Tom Robinson at

"I designed the first Slipper Chair twelve years ago and have continued to refine it over the years. Each new commission challenges my skills and expresses my ideas a little bit more. These are exciting, absorbing projects that draw on my experiences from previous works and challenge my creativity.

The Slipper Chair is the only furniture piece that I have focused on for this process. I can only make one at a time (no sets). Only one may be purchased at a time. Ideally I see it in a large master bedroom used to put your slippers on."

Tom Robinson Artist - Slipper Chair